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Hot Chip 'Don't Deny Your Heart' by Peter Serafinowicz

David Knight - 27th Nov 2012

Peter Serafinowicz gets back with Hot Chip once again for Don't Deny Your Heart, joining the band on the tour bus for some game console footy fun. And in proper Serafinowicz fashion, he takes a scurrilous swipe at the prevailing lumpen football/Playstation mindset with some undeniable CGI homoeroticism. Unless Hot Chip really have got hold of a pirated preview copy of FIFA 14...

But a lot of teenage FIFA-obsessed lads are in for a surprise, much in the way that Peter's boyband-annihilating vid for the Chip's I Feel Better upset the girls...

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David Knight - 27th Nov 2012


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David Knight - 27th Nov 2012

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