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Bloody Beetroots and Greta Svabo Bech 'Chronicles of a Fallen Love' by Mathy & Fran

David Knight - 31st Oct 2012

A story of burlap sack-wearing young lovers for Bloody Beetroots' Chronicles of a Fallen Love - featuring Faroe Islands singer Greta Svabo Bech - directed by British directing duo Mathy & Fran, who've given their love story a slight taste of the festival of All Hallow's Eve.

"Our starting point was the big haunted emotion in Chronicles of a Fallen Love," Mathy and Fran tell Promo News. "We'd seen the images in the book Haunted Air, of anonymous figures in home-made Halloween masks, and liked the idea of translating its unsettling atmosphere into something inherently romantic, set within a pastel-hued teenage world.

"It was this 'ghost' of a first love that carried the idea of an endless summer romance and haunted youth. We responded to the track's nostalgia and wanted to create a story that was sweet yet full of sadness. We shot the exteriors in Southend-on-Sea which perfectly fitted the sense of desolate romance we were aiming for."

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David Knight - 31st Oct 2012


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Mathy & Fran
Production Company
Mrs Grey
Executive Producer
Joshua Thomas


Director of Photography
Jonas Mortensen
Camera operator
Job Reineke


Art Director
Lucie Red


Oliver Barron


Marty McMullan


Director's Representation
Jen Herrera

David Knight - 31st Oct 2012

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