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Animal Kingdom 'Strange Attractor' by Ben Strebel

David Knight - 16th Apr 2012

There's nothing strange about the attraction of the girl in Ben Strebel's video for Animal Kingdom's Strange Attractor, but all is not what it seems...

"Having worked with Animal Kingdom two years ago, the band approached me with an idea in it's earliest form, and I instantly loved it," explains Ben. "The challenge: to create something that is usually considered ugly and disgusting and to turn it into something watchable, hypnotic, even beautiful. The answer, an irresistible lead girl that draws you in while the unexpected takes place in front of her and is magnified by being captured in super slow motion at 2500 frames. I think/hope we managed to achieve this.

"The hardest part was the opening shot, which remains uninterrupted for one and a half minutes. In a matter of seconds we had to completely transform the background, from club to studio, change the lighting state, while zooming in and out of her as well as giving cues and her hitting them on specific beats. It was supposed to be fairly provocative and I think the feedback thus far proves that."

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David Knight - 16th Apr 2012


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Ben Strebel
Emory Ruegg
Production Company
Saloon Films
1st AD
Boris Becker


Director of Photography
Ben Kracun


Art Director
Guy Thompson


Absolute Post


Houmam Abdallah
Colour grade company

David Knight - 16th Apr 2012

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