David Knight - 22nd Dec 2011

A little experimental music video for EMiL's Deadwood by Steve Milbourne - who's more usually occupied making commercials for Sony Music, including the MVA-winning ad for Mark Ronson & The Business International's Record Collection.

"Normally we wouldn't take on a regular music video job, and in this case the label had an absolute shoestring budget... literally enough for a camera and some lights," Steve explains. "But I spoke to the artist and a thought struck that perhaps I could add something different. So I decided to shoot a very simple straightforward one shot performance of Emil in black and white, accompanied by a dancer.

"The reason for the dancer is that (without telling anyone in the treatment) I thought I'd experiment a little with YouTube, and so I used her as a mechanism to make a little stop frame animation hidden within the video - which is a nod towards someone that Emil mentioned to me as one of his biggest musical influences.

"The way it works is that in standard resolution, once the video has pre-loaded (grey bar is full at the bottom). If you mute the volume and then press the number keys on your keyboard 1 to 0 in turn, you get the effect. Could be a nice little mechanism that could be of use in some higher budget things next year!"



Director's RepresentationFOAM
DirectorSteve Milbourne
ProducerSimon Poon Tip
Production AssistantSophie Yeoman
Director of PhotographyDavid Litchfield
Make-upCaroline Shuttleworth
StylistAiny Naim

David Knight - 22nd Dec 2011

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