David Knight - 13th May 2011

Just like the Johnny Cash Project and Wilderness, this combines an immediate interactive experience for the user with the ability to make a contribution to an ongoing creative project. With Johnny Cash it was drawings, and with Wilderness it was writing postcards. With 3 Dreams its the ability to build models in 3D, with groundbreaking software built into the website - courtesy of Google.

As with the previous two, 3 Dreams Of Black has been developed in collaboration with Aaron Koblin of the Google Creative Lab, and as with The Wilderness Downtown it involves brand new Google-developed technology - and best enjoyed via Chrome, Google's own browser.

That technology is WebGL, which brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser. WebGL in modern browsers like Chrome enables users to interact with 3D experiences with no need for additional software. What's more Google has also made all the code completely open and available for experimentation.

The 'video' part of 3 Dreams of Black is a voyage through three dreamworlds of Temple - a girl born after the Apocalypse, told through rich 2D drawings and animations that are interspersed with interactive 3D sequences. At various points in this web experience, users can take control with their computer's mouse for a journey through the unfolding narrative. In addition, users are able to contribute to the dream by creating their own relics using the 3D model creator.

Some of the best user creations will be integrated into the experience and become a part of others' "3 Dreams" exploration. For Milk, this film experience is just the first stage of a longterm project to develop ROME - featuring Jack White and (as on this track) Norah Jones on vocals - as a 'transmedia' audio-visual experience.

"This is the first chapter of a really exciting journey," he says. "I have a philosophy about telling stories through multiple channels, which is a big part of this project. We are far-more-sophisticated media-consuming beings than we were ten years ago. We have greater capacity for tracking complex stories on multiple platforms for longer periods of time."

3 Dreams Of Black: here


DirectorChris Milk
Production CompanyRadical Media
Executive ProducerJennifer He
Line ProducerAri Palitz
1st ADChef Roussel
Director of PhotographyM
Production designerChris DiLeo
ProducerMarcus Ivarsson
EditorLivio Sanchez
Assistant EditorHe
ColouristDave Hussey
OnlineKyle Jackson

David Knight - 13th May 2011

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