Jimmy Brown - 31st Mar 2011

Featuring model Agyness Deyn and a cast of well-honed heroic types, its a highly stylised action fantasy in monochrome, beautifully photographed by Mathieu Plainfosse. Epic grandeur, continually stunning imagery and a devastating climax add up to a major league labour of love.

PRO Credits


Production CompanyCaviar
Line ProducerCarla Georges
Director of PhotographyMathieu Plainfosse
Make-upSteven Canavan @ Jedroot
HairKarin Bigler
Art DirectorAnna Brun
Post ProducerBenjamin Darras & Johnny Alves
CastAgyness Deyn, Willy Cartier, Ross Tanner, M
CommissionerPierre Le Ny
DirectorYoann Lemoine
CastAgyness Deyn
EditorNicolas Larrouquere

Jimmy Brown - 31st Mar 2011

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