Jimmy Brown - 12th Nov 2009

"Vertex is one of the Marvell Crew with Double S and Shokka. He directed their previous video and asked if I would be up for getting involved in the new one as they wanted something photographed guerrilla-style around north London.

"We spent a chaotic day racing around shooting on a 60 year old vintage Bell & Howell Filmo 16mm camera which is brilliant for guerrilla-style shooting because, as well as being an indestructible piece of precision engineering, it is also a gorgeous antique so civilians actually like looking at it instead of complaining about obstruction or whatever minor quibble becomes the focus of their existence for an afternoon whenever they see a camera crew on the streets. We had a fun day, shot some nice stuff and cut it together."

Watch 'Marvell’s Still The Talk by Shane Davey' here


DirectorShane Davey
ProducerGail Davey
Production CompanyDavey Inc
Director of PhotographyRocky McCauley
EditorShane Davey
ColouristAubrey Woodiwiss

Jimmy Brown - 12th Nov 2009

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