David Knight - 20th Oct 2009

David's second video for Little Boots, following the hugely successful Remedy, centres around Boots communing with the cosmos, and features Hubble-quality scenes of awesome galactic activity created by Flame artist Judy Roberts and After Effects whizz Christopher Bristow at Munky.

And it also features another ingenious Wilson-developed technique that creates the impression that water droplets are levitating and hovering in mid-air. It was achieved by synchronizing the framerate of the camera to that of dripping stream of water. Each droplet is unique, but has been captured with such precision that it gives the impression of a single droplets being held mid-flight.

As with his MVA-winning promo for Moray McLaren's We Got Time, the effect wasn't created through stop-motion animation techniques, or through computer trickery, but was matched live on set with a camera turning over at 12 frames per second in order to allow the artist to lip-sync and interact with the water in real time.

Watch 'Little Boots’ Earthquake by David Wilson' here

PRO Credits


Production CompanyColonel Blimp
DirectorDavid Wilson
ProducerTamsin Glasson
Director of PhotographyWill Bex
Art DirectorEmma Roach
StylistSteven Westgarth
ColouristAubrey Woodiwiss
FlameJudy Roberts
CommissionerTim Nash

David Knight - 20th Oct 2009

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