David Knight - 20th Jan 2009

Gary Go is the new kid in town - thin enough to get into a tight Italian suit, and fit enough to do some serious running in Mike Baldwin's cinematic, retro-tastic and somewhat enigmatic video.

When not running, Gary is shadowed in the studio by a line of spec-wearing Gary-alikes. It looks great - shot by Denzil Armour-Brown - and Mike explains his interpretation of the theme of the song below. Gary is Go.

Michael Baldwin on making the video for Gary Go's Wonderful

"The song has a very strong yet simple message about self-belief and picking yourself up when you're low. So I wanted to have a theme of identity running throughout. The running symbolises a 'journey' and the identical people were choreographed to deliberately 'echo' Gary's moves, which proved harder than I had imagined!

"I didn't want any dancing or specific choreography but more of a 'Simon Says' ripple of movement where they just copied what Gary did. Luckily we had Supple and his crew in charge of all that, so it turned out great in the end.

"All the scribbling in the middle eight are actually Gary's handwriting. I asked him to write down random thoughts that related to the song in some way. Luckily he has really nice handwriting!

"Building up a relationship with an artist before a shoot makes the world of difference to the finished video, and Gary was brilliant with his input and a real trooper on the shoot.

"I wanted it to be quite celebratory at the end, hence the extra people and the 'echoes' breaking away from Gary and the game show type signs. It's a feel-good video ultimately."

Watch 'Gary Go’s Wonderful by Michael Baldwin' here


Production CompanyFlynn Productions
DirectorMichael Baldwin
ProducerCharlotte Woodhead
Director of PhotographyDenzil Armour
Art DirectorTo
StylistLuke Day
ChoreographerSupple Nam
EditorJames Rose
PostPrime Focus
CommissionerRoss Anderson

David Knight - 20th Jan 2009

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