Promonews - 27th May 2020

In the final episode of Natalie Steiner's film series about the music video community during the pandemic crisis, our panel of interviewees reflect upon what they have missed about their pre-lockdown work routine, and then ponder upon what the industry will look like when things start moving again.

After Episode 4: Wonderings & Worries, in which Natalie Steiner's interviewees reflected upon the immediate concerns caused by Covid-19, and the bigger issues that have arisen from the crisis, The Future Of Our Industry mixes some fond recollections of the communal experience of filmmaking, from the camaraderie to the adrenalin-buzz, to the practicalities of getting the industry moving again.

The discussion in this final episode is a mixture of prediction, hopes and nostalgic appreciation for the music video industry pre-Covid19.

This timely episode, edited by Meg Thorne at Cut+Run, features nearly all of the panel interviewed by Steiner and Eleri Evans for the Music Videos In Lockdown series. 'As the loosening of lockdown approaches and shoots begin we’ve got the opportunity to collectively question old habits, and start new ones," says Steiner. "The discussion in this final episode is a mixture of prediction, hopes and nostalgic appreciation for the music video industry pre-Covid19."

The interviewees are: 1st AD Clara Paris; Virgin EMI director of video James Hackett; My Accomplice EP Imogen Harrison; wardrobe stylist Terri Higgins; director Aidan Zamiri; directors Zhang & Knight; Knucklehead EP Ore Okonedo; Greatcoat Films' EP Kareem Adeshina; choreographer Simon Donnellon; FRIEND EP Luke Tierney; DoP Diana Olifirova; Envy colourist Jax Harney; director Oscar Hudson; Atlantic Records' director of video Dan Curwin; DoP David Wright; camera assistant Jomar O'Meally; Blink EP Laura Northover; producer Tom O'Driscoll; wardrobe stylist Taff Williamson; OB Management director's agent Sam Davey; hair and makeup artist Jessica Summer; marketing manager Olivier Massey; production runner Amelia Mullooly; Pulse Films' EP Rik Green; director Myles Whittingham; Object & Animal EP Morgan Clement; director Ian Pons Jewell; and runners' agent Julia Patterson.

This is the final episode of the five-part series Music Videos In Lockdown about the UK music video community during the crisis, exclusively presented by Promonews. Here are links to the previous episodes in the series:

Music Videos In Lockdown Episode 1: Last Jobs here
Music Videos In Lockdown Episode 2: Spending Time here
Music Videos In Lockdown Episode 3: Working During The Lockdown here
Music Videos In Lockdown Episode 4: Worries & Wonderings here

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    Promonews - 27th May 2020

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