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'MUSIC VIDEOS IN LOCKDOWN' Episode 4: Wonderings And Worries - exclusive on Promonews

'MUSIC VIDEOS IN LOCKDOWN' Episode 4: Wonderings And Worries - exclusive on Promonews

Promonews - 20th May 2020

Things get serious in the the fourth episode of Music Videos In Lockdown. The focus is on the real impact for many as the work has dried up. And will that be a catalyst for change in how the industry operates?

Having seen how the UK music video production community has adapted to life and work in the current situation, the fourth episode of Natalie Steiner's must-see series addresses some of the serious issues that now confront the industry.

As camera assistant Jomar O'Meally says at the start of Episode 4, the "people at the bottom" are the ones who take the brunt of the emergency - a situation which puts music video production in common with many other sectors of business and society. Wonderings And Worries touches on these issues, and the unease and anxiety that lies just beneath the surface of an industry which, as Kareen Adeshina says, largely depends upon the commitment and work ethic of freelancers.

The episode also asks interviewees about how things might change, to ensure that hardworking peple do not fall through a trapdoor in any similar eventuality in future. And director Ian Pons Jewell, UK representative of campaigning body We Direct Music Videos, talks about the initiative to create a new standard contract for music video production, happening at the moment. 

As Oscar Hudson says, "The film industry has a lot of bad habits... this crisis can offer an perspective of what is important in our working lives." With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, should the industry be as intense and fastmoving as it was before? 

''As the lockdown is loosened across the UK it feels as though everyone within the industry has acknowledged the importance of working within our lives, and creative selves," says Natalie Steiner, the music video producer who has made Music Videos In Lockdown during an enforced break from working, interviewing a wide range of people within the industry on Zoom over several weeks.

"This episode hosts a discussion of whether 'business of usual' should be what we’re aiming to get back to, or whether lockdown has given us an opportunity to reassess how, why and what we were doing before.''

For this episode Steiner and her co-interviewer Eleri Evans talked to camera assistant Jomar O’Meally, DoP David Wright, producer Kareem Adeshina, commissioner Dan Curwin, marketing manager Olivier Massey, production runner Amelia Mullooly, makeup artist Terri Higgins, agent Julia Patterson, director Aidan Zamiri, producer Imogen Harrison, director Zhang & Knight, producer Luke Tierney, commissioner James Hackett, colourist Jax Harney, producer Morgan Clement, director Oscar Hudson, producer Rik Green, director Ian Pons Jewell, producer Laura Northover, and director Myles Whittingham.

This episode of Music Videos In Lockdown was edited by Meg Thorne at Cut+Run. 

This is the fourth episode of the five-part series Music Videos In Lockdown about the UK music video community during the crisis, exclusively presented by Promonews. Here are links to the previous episodes in the series: 

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• Music Videos In Lockdown Episode 2: Spending Time here
• Music Videos In Lockdown Episode 3: Working During The Lockdown here 


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Promonews - 20th May 2020


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