Promonews - 11th May 2020

In the second of music video producer Natalie Steiner's film series about the UK music video production community during lockdown, she asks people from all corners of the industry about what they are doing, now that many of them have far more time on their hands...

Steiner has documented the extraordinary moment created by the pandemic, by interviewing her workmates, contemporaries and friends from the music video community in London. She and Eleri Evans have conducted interviews with everyone from directors, producers, camera crew, choreographers, commissioners, directors reps, stylists, hair and makeup artists, and more - via Zoom, of course. 

In the second of the series, she finds out about how they are spending their time now they are not working on film shoots - and elicits a range of illuminating, inspirational and entertaining responses from her interviewees.

Episode 2: Spending Time - exclusively presented by Promonews - features directors Ian Pons Jewell, Zhang + Knight, Will Hooper, Oscar Hudson, Myles Whittingham and Aidan Zamiri; producers and executive producers Luke Tierney, Imogen Harrison, Tom O'Driscoll, Laura Northover, Morgan Clement and Rik Green; stylist and makeup artists Terri Higgins, Jessica Summer; colourist Jax Harney; 1st AD Clara Paris; camera crew David Wright, Diana Olifirova and Jomar O'Meally; choreographer Simon Donnellon; and commissioners James Hackett and Dan Curwin.

As she told Promonews on the launch of the series with Episode One: Last Jobs on May 6th, Steiner wanted to tap into the communal spirit of the music video community at this difficult time. 

"My hope was to pull together a film which showcases the full range of people within our industry, and shows commonality and unity amongst us. I wanted to learn something about the industry, the people in it, and what we can do it make it better. Hopefully this series does that and it makes you feel a little closer to normality."

This is the second episode of the five-part series Music Videos In Lockdown about the UK music video community during the crisis, exclusively presented by Promonews. Here is the link to the previous episode in the series: 

• Music Videos In Lockdown Episode 1: Last Jobs here

Future episodes on Music Videos In Lockdown will focus on how work has continued during the crisis, and the impact of the seismic change in the work routines on the industry, both now and when things return to relative normality.

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    Promonews - 11th May 2020

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