'MUSIC VIDEOS IN LOCKDOWN' Episode 3: Working During The Lockdown - exclusive on Promonews

Promonews - 14th May 2020

In the third episode of Natalie Steiner's series about the UK music video production community during lockdown, she discovers how work has continued, the ubiquitity of Zoom, the resourcefulness of music video creatives - and the resulting phenomenon of lockdown videos...

Natalie Steiner has documented the extraordinary moment created by the pandemic, by interviewing her workmates, contemporaries and friends from the music video community in London. She has spoken to everyone from directors, producers, camera crew, choreographers, commissioners, directors reps, stylists, hair and makeup artists, and more - via Zoom, of course.

In Episode 3: Working During The Lockdown, she asked interviewees about how they have managed to keep working through isolation, and discovered that the industry quickly mobilized to find ways to continue to make music videos, via remote directing, artists self-shooting, crowd-sourcing, and placing a greater emphasis on animation.

The way we’ve carried on throughout this crisis has highlighted what a bunch of genuinely creative people we are.

The interviewees in Episode 3 are directors Zhang & Knight, Oscar Hudson, Myles Whittingham, Ian Pons Jewell, Aidan Zamiri and Will Hooper; directors' agent Sam Davey at OB Management; producers Tom O’Driscoll, Kareem Adeshina, Morgan Clement, Rik Green and Laura Northover; choreographer Simon Donnellon; commissioners James Hackett and Dan Curwin; assistant director Clara Paris; colourist Jax Harney; cinematographer Diana Olifirova and camera assistant Jomar O'Meally. With interviews conducted by Natalie Steiner and Eleri Evans, Episode 3 was edited by Cut+Run editor Meg Thorne. 

Natalie Steiner says: "During these interviews I was actually surprised by the interviewees and their get up and go attitude. The way that we’ve collectively picked up and carried on throughout this crisis has really highlighted what a bunch of genuinely creative people we are, who are able to overcome challenges and just figure it out."

This is the third episode of the five-part series Music Videos In Lockdown about the UK music video community during the crisis, exclusively presented by Promonews. Here are links to the previous episodes in the series: 

• Music Videos In Lockdown Episode 1: Last Jobs here
• Music Videos In Lockdown Episode 2: Spending Time here

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    Promonews - 14th May 2020

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