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Split Dogs 'And What?' by Chris Hugall

David Knight - 7th June 2024

Chris Hugall captures a feisty performance by Bristol band Split Dogs on the seafront at Weston-Super-Mare in this fun "Martin Parr-inspired" video for And What?

Hugall and DoP Nye Williams picked a nice sunny day to visit the West Country seaside, and the band generate terrific punk rock energy on a run-and-gun shoot that evidently took the local constabulary unawares. 

“It’s a total embrace of working-class British seaside culture," says Hugall. "I grew up in South London and in 2016 relocated to a small coastal town in the south west. The song highlights the frustration of living and working in a seasonal holiday resort all summer with no holiday while the world around you has theirs.

"I’m also poking fun at myself for being grumpy and using some of the outdated British phrases my dad used to say to me as a kid: 'On your bike, son!'

"With this in mind I wanted to go there (Weston-Super-Mare) and just shoot a video. The people /security iat the seaside town seemed to be very unfamiliar with people shooting, and stood there watching instead of shutting us down!

"As soon as I arrived I saw the pier and said we have to shoot there. No permission, we just went and set up! The whole shoot had that vibe, it was just me and my friend/DOP Nye Williams. Great fun. People asked to be in the video and we let them all!"

David Knight - 7th June 2024


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Nye Williams


Venn Records

David Knight - 7th June 2024

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