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YT ft Seb '#Purrr' by Lauzza

Promonews - 27th Nov 2023

YT and LAUZZA reunite in their latest music video, taking viewers on a nostalgic journey back to 2014.

Building on their previous collaboration for the iconic 'Arc’teryx' video, the duo transports audiences back a decade with meticulous attention to detail. From the Lady Gaga sample to the iconic Kanye West glasses, every aspect of the video exudes the essence of the early 2010s. The use of an original iPhone and the grainy visual style further enhance the feeling of stepping back in time.

The narrative unfolds as YT tells his mum that he won't be throwing a party while she's away, only for scenes of a 2014 party to play out as soon as she leaves. In a race against time, YT and 5EB scramble to clean the house before his mother's return, capturing the essence of youthful spontaneity and recklessness.

LAUZZA's meticulous attention to detail shines through in every frame, ensuring that even the smallest elements are delivered with the highest quality. His collaboration with YT is poised to become a cultural reference point, showcasing their ability to evoke nostalgia and capture the essence of a bygone era with authenticity and flair.

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Promonews - 27th Nov 2023

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Beth Clifton
Production Company
Executive Producer
Chris Toumazou
Executive Producer
Kiran Mandla
Production Assistant
Flynn Studholme


Director of Photography
Jasper Kirkpatrick-Navarre
Focus Puller
Fred Gowers
2nd AC
Harry Smith


Art Director
Mari Esa


Emmanuel Yapobi-attie


Fred Gowers


Jelani Miller


Director's Representation

Promonews - 27th Nov 2023

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