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The Offline 'Un Bout De Chemin' by Peter Haueis

Rob Ulitski - 15th Sept 2023

Following his videos for Plages Des Casernes and La Mission Commence, Peter Haueis continues his cinematic music video narrative for Felix Müller, aka The Offline.

The video for Un Bout De Chemin is inspired by 1980's American indie films, and dives into another fragment of the composer's journey, raising the question as to whether he is on permanent vacation or troubled by demons which lurk around every corner. 

In the concept, The Offline arrives by boat in the port of Hamburg and wanders around the city's infamous St. Pauli district. He is confronted by a gambling deadline as he searches for a better place - a vicious encounter from which he escapes to find his own rhythm while dancing on the rooftops of the city. 

"Un bout de chemin, which means something like a bit of a journey, felt right for the rolling rhythm and the driven cello, but also in terms of the dramatic structure of the track," explains Müller. 

"For me it felt like someone is pursuing a goal and this track tells a part of the journey. The name came about when I had the order of the album ready.” 

The video encompasses that feeling, proposing a story that feels strangely offbeat, as if 'fallen out of time' as they say in Germany. Another terrific, stirring visual collaboration between Müller and Haueis.

Rob Ulitski - 15th Sept 2023


  • mysterious
  • haunting
  • offbeat
  • St Pauli
  • Gambling
  • Stirring

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Peter Haueis
Peter Haueis


Director of Photography
Julian Krätzig


Lead actor
The Offline
Lead actor
Timor Litzenberger


Peter Haueis


Tom Pickford
Root Records

Rob Ulitski - 15th Sept 2023

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