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The Chase 'Trumpet' by Sophie Chatfield

Rob Ulitski - 29th Nov 2022

The Chase cause chaos with everyone's favourite ska instrument, in Sophie Chatfield's delightful promo for Trumpet. 

Heading to The Marquis pub in Covent Garden, we see the group play their latest track to a crowd of uninhibited punters, whilst a hilariously-dressed bouncer hunts down anyone who might be sneaking the instrument into the venue. 

It's completely absurd and off-the-wall, and full of playful energy - and a brilliant introduction to the group.

"I really wanted to showcase the energy of The Chase in their live performances and the way they win over their audience," says Chatfield.

"I wanted a fun, chaotic scene that the viewer feels involved in (and a) light satire narrative that would seamlessly thread through the video.  It imagines a tongue-in-cheek scenario - what would happen if everyone’s favourite ska instrument proved to be so mind-alteringly addictive that it was banned?

"Within seconds of The Chase starting the song there’s madness wherever the eye can see: dancing on the bar, beers in the air, the pub’s excellently named landlord Tommy McGuinness leaping around like a lunatic. You might need to sneak off to the toilets to share some ‘Trumpet’ away from the glare of the meathead bouncers, but if something can bring this much happiness, how can it be wrong?"

Rob Ulitski - 29th Nov 2022


  • Director's notes
  • Performance
  • Ska
  • Chaos
  • Pub
  • Playful
  • Delightful
  • Bouncer

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Ami Jay


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Sophie Chatfield


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Sophie Chatfield


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Sophie Chatfield


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Rob Ulitski - 29th Nov 2022

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