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Flume ft Damon Albarn 'Palaces' by Jonathan Zawada

Promonews - 19th May 2022

Jonathan Zawada has created a hugely impressive digital illusion for the title track of Flume's new album - featuring Damon Albarn.

A continuous forward tracking shot takes us througha lush rainforest, that parts to reveal a colourful parrot - the visual motif of the album Palaces. Then the shot moves into the bird's eye to reveal an abstract technicolour universe.

The animator then introduces familiar elements of business analysis, the component parts of graphs used to measure data, allowed to break free within a 3D world, before the forest takes over once again.   

Promonews - 19th May 2022


  • Animation
  • CGI
  • Dance
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Jonathan Zawada

Promonews - 19th May 2022

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