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Monday Was Special 'Bespoke' by SPTMBR

Promonews - 11th May 2022

Directing team SPTMBR create an intriguing video for  singer Monday Was Special, elevating a domestic setting with mythic importance through a very skilful use of resources.

The video tells of the journey of a young couple - where a feeling of claustrophobia and sense of entrapment is gradually overcome. As well as directing impressive performances from the lead actors, exceptional cinematography by Luke Dryden helps to create a stylish and atmospheric work, divided into three parts given engimatic graphic symbols as chapter headings. 

"With Bespoke, we wanted to create a video that spoke to the themes of unexpected parenthood - that great step into the unknown," say SPTMBR. "This manifested as the idea of a young couple stuck in life’s waiting room - a kind of limbo where they feel their destiny is unclear, as parents and as partners.

"The three acts of the film link to different Greek and Roman Goddesses. Act 1 features Urania (associated with universal love and the Holy Spirit), Act 2 features Hera and Juno (Goddesses of women and family) and Act 3 features Artemis and Diana (Goddesses of childbirth and midwifery).

"Above all, it’s about transformation: the birth and rebirth of the characters."

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Promonews - 11th May 2022


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Director of Photography
Luke Dryden
Austin Phillps


Production designer
Macy Trieu-Dingle


Lead actor
Arianne Carless
Lead actor
Dajay Brown
Lead actor
Atlas Clarke


Andi Chu
Colour grade company

Promonews - 11th May 2022

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