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Sea Girls 'DNA' by Becky Garner

Rob Ulitski - 10th May 2022

Becky Garner directs a striking one-shot promo for Sea Girls, utilizing an intriguing photographic effect. 

The sun-soaked video was shot in Switzerland, and features vocalist Henry Camamile running around a surreal-looking terrain, eventually joined by the rest of his band.

The off-kilter colour spectrum created by Garner and DoP Lucas Wilson is the result of them shooting on a camera using the infra-red wavelength. It's technology that has a fascinating background, and definitely creates a memorable aesthetic.

"When deciding how best to capture the band in a one take we, like anyone, wanted to do something not seen before." says Garner. "Using our background in infrared photography, we created a portable digital infra-red set up to capture the band in the mountains, in a surreal way that really catches people's attention and provides a fresh engaging visual throughout."

"This infra-red wavelength is what was used in the Vietnam War by aerial spies to detect camouflaged army bases - all grass would turn green and camouflage would stand out and brown and green.”


Rob Ulitski - 10th May 2022


  • Performance
  • Infrared
  • one shot
  • Vietnam
  • Innovative
  • Switzerland

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Becky Garner
Becky Garner
Production Company
Scratch Studios
Executive Producer
Emily Jeffery
Executive Producer
Liv West


Director of Photography
Lucas Wilson


Hair & Make-up
Claire Boutellier


Director's Representation
OB Management



Rob Ulitski - 10th May 2022

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