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Angèle 'Libre' by Aube Perrie

Rob Ulitski - 5th May 2022

Aube Perrie celebrates self-exploration, letting go and breaking away from the constraints and pressures of life in his jaw-dropping promo for Angèle's Libre. 

The video is the second collaboration between the Belgian singer and French director - after the video for stylish and satirical La Thune - and sees Angèle imagining herself wondering the streets of New York, as an astronaut and superheroine after eating a slice of magic pizza.

The whimsical promo is a high concept feat which melds visual effects and a playful, intimate performance, and marks a step into bigger budget fare for the UKMVA award-winning director.

It’s really a story about empowerment, to cope with the swirling penises of the world.

“So you’re enjoying a holiday in New York, and there is a bus passing by," says Aube Perrie, beginning an explanation of the video. "There's an ad on this bus with your face on it…well, because it’s your album promo, so is this music video. But then, there is a penis drawn on that ad - just like with Carrie Bradshaw years ago - and this penis on your face makes you want to be as far away as possible from the tons of unasked-for swirling penises of the world.

"So, you go on the moon cause that’s pretty far enough. But it’s not like, the moon, it’s more like a John Dorian from Scrubs moment having a classic daydream of his. So it’s more of the moon coming to earth, shaping an alternative environment around you.

"So now that you’re over there, you hang out and enjoy the holiday, grab a pizza slice, enjoy the awesome low-gravity, throw up because of it (and the bad pizza).

"But, somehow, low gravity also makes you discover a new power-gifted persona deep inside your inner-self. You can now face anything. You finally come back to earth as a not giving a single fuck super version of yourself, ready to kick ass. So, it’s really a story about empowerment, to cope with the swirling penises of the world. And it involved a lot of moon dust.” 

Rob Ulitski - 5th May 2022


  • High Concept
  • VFX
  • Astronaut
  • Heroine
  • Pizza

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Aube Perrie
Anis Gaiji
Production Company
Wanda Productions
Production Company
Executive Producer
Anis Gaiji
Executive Producer
Claude Fayolle
Production Manager
Anis Gaiji
1st AD
Kremena Makarieva
1st AD
Valentin Peoch
Production Coordinator
Chloé Goueilhé


Focus Puller
Boris Mitrev
2nd AC
Deyan Georgiev


Art Director
Aube Perrie
Art Director
Louise Mekylla Bachir
Production designer
Louise Mekylla Bachir
Production Designer Assistant
Anna Talec


Maud Dupuy
Kevin Jacotot
Camille Lutz
Axelle Jerina
Maud Dupuy
Costume Designer Assistant
Alya Derris


Casting director
Teodora Duparinova
Stunt Double
Alexandra Dragova (Main), Anita Bakalova (Secondary)


Alexis Benot
Editing company
Paume Paris
Editor Assistant
Lucas Mary


Colour Producer
Blake Rice
Matt Osbourne
Colour grade company
Company3 Nyc
Assistant Grade Producer
Jake Rioux


John Seventine
Melchior Leroux
Post production company
Paume Paris
Post production company
Little Kingdom
Post Producer
Bissane Kimpamboudi


Director's Representation
Cesar Decharme

Rob Ulitski - 5th May 2022

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