David Knight - 16th July 2021

Niall Trask creates an impressionistic documentary about match day at Dublin football club Shelbourne FC, for Irish artist David Balfe, aka For Those I Love.

For the video for To Have You, Trask captures the place, the club, and the people who make it and are connected to it, on black and white Kodak 16mm film. This is a world away from the glamour of the English Premier League and the Euros. but with its incisive camerawork, Trask covers a thrilling game and much more besides - particularly the passion and pride of players and fans alike.

"The trip out to the football can feel like a pilgrimage," says Balfe. "Every mix of bliss and pain and glory is felt in the terraces each week, but it's been lost for us all since the world changed overnight. Being back in the stands as 'To Have You' was shot felt like a shower of relief and beauty, and I can't thank Niall enough for his vision and understanding of what it all means.

"The track is very much about survival, reflecting on a world me and mine grew up through and confronting those who question it. I am blessed to be able to hear this in a new light now as it's mixed with Niall's art."

PRO Credits


DirectorNiall Trask
ProducerDan Matthews
Co-ProducerAaron Mcenaney
Director of PhotographyAlbert Hooi
Focus PullerJp Quill
Location ManagerGavin White
EditorNiall Trask
ColouristMichael Pearce
Director's RepresentationOB Management

David Knight - 16th July 2021

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