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Benjamin Francis Leftwich 'Canary In A Coalmine' by Harvey Pearson

Promonews - 28th June 2021

Do you ever truly accept the passing of a loved one? Harvey Pearson poses the question in the video for Benjamin Francis Leftwich's Canary In A Coalmine.

An elderly man clears the chairs from a hall service and when he moves to the centre of the room, he is joined by his departed wife for a last dance. 

Pearson cast a real married couple, Bill and June Best, in the roles of the husband and wife. The video is for the lead single from Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s new album To Carry A Whale, released earlier this month. released last week.


It felt right to use a real couple to capture this intense and emotional moment.

"For Canary In A Coalmine we wanted to look at the juxtaposition between the beauty of loving someone and the darkness of losing them.

"Starring Bill and June Best, a real married couple, I wanted to capture the feeling of living with yourself after losing a loved one - it felt right to use a real couple to capture this intense and emotional moment.

"We open on our protagonist living out his life, slowly and quietly. In what appears to be a contemplative moment, he finds beauty in the things he used to do. In the next moment, we believe his love is joining him, but that illusion quickly fades. Realising that he is living out moments of his life with her, even if she isn’t physically there.

"Love continues, whether through memories or subconscious hallucinations. However bittersweet it may be, he finds his way to make more time with her."

Promonews - 28th June 2021


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  • Singer-songwriter
  • Grief

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Molly Bolton
Production Company
My Accomplice
Executive Producer
Imogen Harrison


Director of Photography
Adric Watson

Promonews - 28th June 2021

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