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Molly Hocking 'We Can Have The World Tonight' by Rupert Bryan

Rob Ulitski - 8th June 2021

Rupert Bryan directs an escapist fantasy for Molly Hocking's We Can Have The World Tonight. 

Cruising down country roads, we see Hocking perform in a classic gold Capri, as the spring sun beams through the windows. 

Cutting between car-mounted shots and footage from an FPV drone, the video is refreshingly understated and reflective in its tone, and engaging throughout the entirety of its four-minute runtime.


The gold classic Capri felt like the car Molly would love... 

"This is Molly Hocking's second single. I wanted to make this feel intimate with a hint of a narrative. We had a day to shoot and also to turn it around in a few days so had to keep it simple. We shot this in-between sun and showers, and so had the elements against us, which really is testing when shooting outdoor car shots.

"We had 45 mins of the sun going down so shot most of the car shots in that window just before the heavens opened again. We then delivered the cut a couple of days later in the morning.

"Cars always stir an emotion and the gold classic Capri felt like the car Molly would love to be driven around in, and she did. I shot on the BMC6K with a simple car mounting rig and handheld inside the car.

"The FPV drone helped deliver the energy for the shots to cut with Molly's performance. Simple shoot, myself Director/DP/Operator and my First AC Jack and camera assistant Alex, the pick up truck, walkies and wireless monitors... and several packs chocolate buttons all made this possible.

"Molly is a great performer and musician and you just get a sense when artists write their own material they know how to sell it on camera."

Rob Ulitski - 8th June 2021


  • Pop
  • Capri
  • Car
  • Road Trip
  • Sun

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Rob Ulitski - 8th June 2021

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