David Knight - 5th May 2021

Having completed his debut feature, the fantasy-thriller UNDERGODS, released later this month, Chino Moya returns to music videos with this brilliantly arresting video for East London-based post-punk band Deep Tan.

The video for the Camelot, a darkly angular, high-speed homage to a big night on the tiles, sees the band struggling in a confined space accompanied by random objects, which appear possessed by invisible forces.

Created as a homemade lockdown video, around the idea of supernatural forces possessing the band, Moya's skill ensures this transcends its lo-fi roots. With its well considered set-ups, Irving Penn-meets-punk aesthetic and disruptively kinetic edit, it's a two minute thrill ride and a superb showcase for the threepiece outfit.

And as Moya reflects, the video does in a small way, reflect the conditions in which it was made. “In hindsight, we will look back and realise that the idea of invisible forces possessing and controlling us while we were confined in some small space was not that far from our reality during the period when we shot the video,” he says.

PRO Credits


DirectorChino Moya
ProducerChino Moya
Focus PullerAlex Matraxia
LabelPractise Music
Director's Rep (UK)Black Dog Films
Other creditsSet Designer - Chino Moya

David Knight - 5th May 2021

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