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Ducks! ft Maya Shenfield 'With Compliments' by Reuben Sutherland

Promonews - 9th Feb 2021

Reuben Sutherland treats pixels as a rare commodity in his mesmerising video for Ducks!

The New Zealand-born, London-based director/VJ/visual artist, whose work includes acclaimed videos for Doves, Royksopp and Phoenix Foundation has created the promo for the Aussie band's With Compliments from an idea of using a limited number of pixels. 

The concept involved combining a mixture of single pixel designs with actual cut- outs, which he then created as moving scenes with animated mosaics. Sutherland creates the look of a semi-quasi stop frame pixelation, using literal interpretations of the lyrics to create graphic rich scenes. Then by manipulating and animating the pixels, he created colour popping and hypnotising transitions between each scene. 

This counter-intuitive move in this age of ultra HD allows him to slip in some delightful visual ideas. Look out for a guitar solo performed by a black cat at the end.

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Promonews - 9th Feb 2021


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Reuben Sutherland
Reuben Sutherland


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Promonews - 9th Feb 2021

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