Promonews - 9th Dec 2020

The third music video collaboration between London-based Iranian animation director Reza Dolatabadi and Bastille, Goosebumps is a mixed-media work which takes the band's fans down the memory lane by repurposing parts of their considerable music video back catalogue.

Due to the tight schedule Dolatabadi and co-director Amir B Ash came up with the idea of cutting and rotoscoping Bastille's previous work and situating them in a completely surreal setting.

It is another example of the versality of the animation team that has already seen them ulitize both 2D and 3D animation for their previous Bastille videos, for What You Gonna Do??? and Survivin'.


DirectorReza Dolatabadi
DirectorAmir B Ash
ProducerReza Dolatabadi

Promonews - 9th Dec 2020

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