Rob Ulitski - 12th Oct 2020

KAM directs a dreamlike narrative for Rebekah Fitch's Dust. 

We follow a taxi driver torn apart by lost love, reminiscing about the ups and down of his marriage, yearning for resolution and forgiveness. Director KAM presents this emotional story with depth and meaning, casting older talent to show that these stories of love are not reserved for the young alone.

The performances are spot-on, and Katie McQuillan's hectic intercutting of present day and past memories builds to a poignant and devastating crescendo.


ProducerAisling Mcelroy
Production CompanyNtropic
Director of PhotographyCarl Eh Quinn
Focus PullerJamie Jackson
GafferDwayne Douglas
Art DirectorNatasha Mudi + Kam
Art DirectorKAM
EditorKatie Mcquillan
Editing companyNtropic
ColouristAyumi Ashley
Grading companyNtropic
Other creditsGrip : Riley Garrett Tracking/precision Driver : Gary Greenberg Stylist : Lucy Graham HMUA: Stacey Browne BTS : Bryony Coles Cast: Norma Hughes Ingram, Derek Halligan

Rob Ulitski - 12th Oct 2020

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