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Lewis Del Mar 'TV' by rubberband.

Rob Ulitski - 11th Aug 2020

rubberband. direct a stop-motion tour de force for their latest collaboration with Lewis Del Mar. 

Working in conjunction with lead animator James Siewert, the directing duo - Jason Sondock and Simon Davis - have used restrictions and production limitations to their advantage creating a tactile, animated kaleidoscope of punchy and colourful imagery. 

It’s the literal manifestation of multimedia overload as commentary on the information-saturated world. The different layers of the music video feel reminiscent and representative of a modern media diet, a visual metaphor and embodiment of how we interact with different outlets and channels with a throwback, handmade feel.


The way we understand and relate to information... is shaped by far more than its content. 

“TV was the second music video we directed for Lewis Del Mar during the lockdown. We worked closely with our insanely talented and hardworking co-director and lead animator James Siewert who really deserves the lion’s share of the credit for the time he put into this project.

"We thought a lot about being inundated with information. How the way we understand and relate to information-in-media is shaped by far more than its content— how the quantity and methods of consumption create their own infinitely complex rhythms and meaning. About what emerges in the wake of traditional retention of information.

"We wanted to explore what arises in that space, and to visualize that new, often overwhelming experiential reality of engaging with the world on a daily basis through media.”

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Rob Ulitski - 11th Aug 2020


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Luigi Rossi
Production Company
Executive Producer
Elizabeth Doonan


Director of Photography
Pat Golan


Post Producer
Kao Cheng Kai


James Siewert
Lead Animator
James Siewert

Other credits


Ben Duff, Christine Pfister, Sofia Von Haeften

Rob Ulitski - 11th Aug 2020

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