Promonews - 14th July 2020

Hugh Mulhern focusses entirely on a band performance that appears to be beamed in from a TV studio from the distant past, in his video for Fontaines DC's Televised Mind.

The approach to the video was clearly dictated by quarantine conditions, but this singleminded, Twilight Zone-style aesthetic gels with the mesmerizing intensity of the track.

It's a complete contrast to Mulhern's previous video for the title track from the Dublin's much-anticipated first album, A Hero's Death, which features Aiden Gillan in carefully constructed narrative. But it works a treat. 

PRO Credits


DirectorHugh Mulhern
ProducerHugh Mulhern
CommissionerTheresa Adebiyi
LabelPartisan Records

Promonews - 14th July 2020

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