David Knight - 6th July 2020

Aiden Gillan plays an old-school TV chat show host who is feeling his age - and possibly losing his marbles - in Hugh Mulhern's video for Fontaines D.C.'s A Hero's Death.

Gillan is, of course, a master of playing characters who are not heroes, but the opposite - or at least, complex and compromised individuals, driven by their ambition. Much is the same here, as he inhabits the role of self-satisfied TV star Georgie Barnes, who experiences a Groundhog Day-style repetition of the moments in the lead-up to a broadcast where Fontaines D.C. are scheduled to guest.

When he visits the green room to meet the band, their failure to bond triggers a nightmarish descent for Barnes. Each time the meeting is repeated, it gets worse, and his world becoming weirder, more hostile. And Gillan's portrayal is so good it makes it possible for to almost feel sympathy for this character who is getting his comeuppance.    

PRO Credits


DirectorHugh Mulhern
ProducerAaron Mcenaney
Production CompanyMotherland
1st ADAnna Harrison
Director of PhotographyEoin McLoughlin
GafferStephen Mccarthy
Art DirectorLauran Kelly
Lead actorAidan Gillan
CommissionerTheresa Adebiyi

David Knight - 6th July 2020

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