Rob Ulitski - 30th June 2020

Matt Lambert and Evvol frontwoman Julie Chance co-direct a lo-fi, doc-style visual for the Berlin-based dark synth pop duo's Speedboat. 

Falling somewhere between a YouTube sketch and Vice documentary, the off-the-hip shooting style matches the eccentric performance. 

'High Intensity Dyke’ roams the streets of Berlin, beckoning to her locked-down brood and spreading her sexual sutra to awaken then from their slumber…

"As queer women often our sexuality is presented through a male gaze or in dramatic context — one that’s serious or heartbreaking," comment Evvol. "This was a moment for us just to enjoy being irreverent and playful with our sexual energy, particularly as spring was emerging and lockdown restrictions were easing.

"This is us taking control of our own narrative and is in itself a political act. This film is an escapist moment of relief from the turbulent moment we’re all in together."


DirectorJulie Chance
ProducerJannis Birsner
Production CompanyVitium
WardrobeLarissa Bechthold
EditorAndi Pek
DirectorMatt Lambert
Other creditsGraphics By Stefan Fähler

Rob Ulitski - 30th June 2020

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