Rob Ulitski - 4th June 2020

Mikaela Guariniello directs a poignant choreography video for Ell Kendall's Para Una Imagen Rota (to A Broken Image). 

Intimate and complex, the dancers explore the pressure put on women to look and act a certain way, embodying the fear, denial and frustration that runs through the concept. 

Whilst the choreography is very much contemporary, DoP Alana Mejía González pays homage to the composition and colour palettes of historical artwork. Beautifully haunting, the contrast of light and shadow and reliance on earthy colour schemes and nondescript props places the concept in an unknown time period, bringing all the focus back to the dance and underlying message of the video. 


"Para una imagen rota" ("To a broken image") is a poetic film that explores self-image and the darkness and light that accompanies our mental states. It represents the pressure on women to meet beauty standards in today’s society, portraying how it feels to live with eating disorders and how is the relationship with your own body.

"Through an elaborately choreographed contemporary dance, our fears and unachievable self-expectations are personified. This way we explore and transmit the suffocation and pain society provokes on 21st century women, in a metaphorical way."


DirectorMikaela Guariniello
ProducerMikaela Guariniello
Production ManagerJoaquin Pinedo
1st ADSofia Cafe
1st ADGloria Alonso
Director of PhotographyAlana Mejia Gonzalez
Focus PullerJorge Rico
2nd ACDaniel Bato
GafferElena Fernandez
Art DirectorAndrea Gandarillas
WardrobeMapi Boix
Make-upVanessa Rivero
EditorGiacomo Prestinari
ColouristNadia Khairat
Lead actorNatalia Lis, Maria Bernardo, Andrea El Ameri, Asia Zonta, Lucia Martínez

Rob Ulitski - 4th June 2020

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