Promonews - 15th May 2020

Hong Kong rapper JBO is talking tough as he gives a girl the brush off in Movin On - but Nicolee Tsin's video suggests that, behind the bravura, he's actually feeling quite differently. 

The video is set in a traditional Tong Lau in Hong Kong - in fact, it is the family home that DoP Etienne Leung’s grandmother grew up in. Hoarded with nostalgic items, overly used paisley sheets and tucked away laundry bags, its an incongruous location for the song's subject. The result feels like a Polaroid: a snapshot of a moment that visually reminds us of a bygone era, at the same time, a speculation into JBO’s inner emotions and personal relationships.

PRO Credits


DirectorNicolee Tsin
ProducerJbo, Nicolee Tsin
Director of PhotographyEtienne Leung
Focus PullerTo Chan
Art DirectorGemma Harrad
EditorNicolee Tsin, Etienne Leung
Lead actorEddie, Tanya
Other creditsSpecial Thanks: Victoria Hong Kong, Rentacamera, Grandma Kwan

Promonews - 15th May 2020

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