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Remember Summer 'Work Of Art' by Gregg Houston

Rob Ulitski - 5th May 2020

Gregg Houston directs a stripped-back, ethereal visual for Remember Summer's Work of Art. 

Taking place within a stationary car, the duo's performance has a transcendent feel, punctuated by unusual cutaways and slow zooms. 

DoP Oliver Cross plays with perspective and composition to elevate the otherworldly aesthetic, creating an unsettled yet strangely familiar vibe. 



The whole experience was nothing but a pleasure. 

"A couple of days before the Covid-19 virus caused a lockdown in the UK we made a music video. I hadn't made a music video for quite a while before this. There is something I find less enjoyable about making a music video than say a documentary or capturing live performance so they happen a lot less frequently.

"However both members of Remember Summer are good friends of mine and I absolutely fell in love with the song, so we agreed to try and make something as cheaply as we could. I contacted Oliver Cross and he agreed to come on as DoP and that was it. A crew of two and a hire car. Oliver decided to shoot on his elderly Sony FS700 and pretty much everything was shot using a Sigma 50-100mm F1.8.

"The whole experience was nothing but a pleasure. On the drive home after the shoot the radio announcement came on that the lockdown was going to be introduced. It felt like the end of the world but I felt peaceful as I had remembered why I wanted to do this job in the first place."

Rob Ulitski - 5th May 2020


  • Director's notes
  • Performance
  • Surreal
  • Dream pop

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Gregg Houston
Production Company


Director of Photography
Oliver Cross


Hair & Make-up
Angelina Dove


Gregg Houston

Rob Ulitski - 5th May 2020

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