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Ezra Furman 'Every Feeling' by Sivon Kidron

David Knight - 10th Mar 2020

Anglo-Israeli animation director Sivon Kidron creates wonderfully stylised 2D work, with an emphasis on the clean depiction of objects and fabric, and her latest music video, for the iconoclastic Ezra Furman's Every Feeling - featured in the Netflix series Sex Education - is no exception.

Inspired by an all-nighter feeling and American motel rooms, it observes the feeling of emptiness and the dream-like realms of exhaustion. In this series of tableaux, Furman's characteristically anguished voice fills the space where people and action would usually be.

David Knight - 10th Mar 2020


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Sivan Kidron


Animation Director
Sivan Kidron

David Knight - 10th Mar 2020

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