Rob Ulitski - 17th Feb 2020

Andy Delaney explores society's struggle with anonymity in the video for rock outfit Asylums' Catalogue Kids. 

Shot in SS2 Studios in Southend, the performance-based visuals depict each member of the band wearing dark visors, concealing their identity as lead vocalist Luke laments the emergence of surveillance capitalism.

Taking on multiple roles in the project, Delaney cleverly interweaves the frenetic performance setup with clandestine macro shots of childhood photos, creating an air of mystery and a thrilling undercurrent to the visuals. 


"I wanted to make a proper full on rock’n’roll music video with a twist and a point of view. The theme of anonymity came out of conversations with Luke about surveillance capitalism, about identity being turned into product. Anonymity, particularly a self-imposed form, is now an act of defiance.

"We used images of the band as kids to represent innocence that became distorted, scratched-out - mutating until they become prototypes for the ‘anonymous’ Asylums. We took a forensic approach to these details, shooting macro close-ups that felt like they were from a police procedural. We didn't shoot the performance for long - every run through was full-on and it shows.

"Props to Adrian Seery (once again) who helped out with the grade and to Rees and the SS2 Studios posse in Southend."


DirectorAndy Delaney
Production CompanyNew Art
GafferBrian Warrens
Art DirectorLuke Branch
EditorAndy Delaney
ColouristAdrian Seery
Grading companyHarbor Pictures
CommissionerLuke Branch

Rob Ulitski - 17th Feb 2020

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