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Janet Devlin 'Honest Men' by Katia Ganfield

Rob Ulitski - 13th Feb 2020

Janet Devlin embodies Greek philosopher Diogenes as she searches for true love in Janet Delin's Honest Men.

Shot at YouTube studios, the low key video only has several simple setups, but each of them offer hidden meanings and details to uncover. Naked and vulnerable, Devlin clutches at the light as if to escape the dark and confusing void around her.

The aforementioned philosopher Diogenes is known to have held a lantern to the faces of men in Athens, enquiring as to where he could find an honest man. Devlin repeats these words throughout the song, let down by every love she has ever known, only now finding the power to fight back and escape her struggles. 

Janet Devlin:

"I had a ton of fun making this one at the YouTubeSpace London - this wouldn't have happened without them! The amazing director Katia Ganfield had such a strong vision for the video and she killed it. And as you’ll see the make-up team had their work cut out that’s for sure. The gold body paint is not my audition for a Bond girl, but rather a nod to the worship of the golden calf which today is a metaphor more widely used to symbolise a thirst and drive for money. The meaning behind ‘Honest Men’ is explained in my upcoming book but let’s just say my past experiences have left me feeling somewhat like that golden calf at times.

"Hopefully it’s all been worth it - I for one am especially proud of this as it’s perhaps a bit of a departure from my normal videos but I just thought, why the heck not!! I'm an indie gal! I am unlikely to get these chances again in life, and I want to be able to look back and know I took every opportunity and wild idea that came my way."

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Rob Ulitski - 13th Feb 2020


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Rob Ulitski - 13th Feb 2020

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