Rob Ulitski - 6th Feb 2020

A man searches for a rare drug and a means of escape in Rodrigo Saavedra's post-apocalyptic vision for Brazilian singer Céu. 

The raucous dystopia in the opening shots of the video for Corpocontinente is punctuated by intense noise, wild styling and a hostile set of strangers. The hapless hero of the video successfully begs his way into his dealer's house, consumes a mysterious floral drug, and before long has escaped to a different world: he is paddleboarding through a body of water surrounded by jungle - in perhaps the Amazon itself - towards Céu, resplendent at the top of temple steps on the riverbank, with branches sprouting from her shoulders, berries soon appearing under her eyes...

Repeating the phrase saudade throughout the chorus, Céu is referencing a word that only exists in Portuguese - the feeling of longing, wistfulness for something or someone you can't have. Unlike similar words in other languages, this phrase is a noun - one doesn't just feel saudade, one has it. 

Cinematic and striking, the ethereal setting of the dreamworld helps elevate this emotion. DoP Diego Robaldo's composition and control of the lighting is breathtaking, and the paddleboard prop is not only a great choice aesthetically, but a unique way to create low angle shadows on the actor's face when the sun sets, almost representing the death of his dream and the escape he was so desperate for.

The plentiful visual effects by Mosh VFX are also a great addition, most evident in the shots of Ceu's face merging with nature, entwining between twisted branches and colourful organic matter growing from her pores. 

This is poignant work from a brilliant and ambitious creative team led by Rodrigo Saavedra, topped off with a hypnotic performance from the delightful Céu.

PRO Credits


DirectorRodrigo Saavedra
ProducerGisele Castilho
Production CompanyLandia
Executive ProducerCamila Bastos
Production ManagerPryka Almeida
1st ADCamila Andreoni
Director of PhotographyDiego Robaldo
Focus PullerPimenta
2nd ACCaio Freitas Oliveira
GafferHugo Nyerges
Art DirectorRodrigo Saraiva
WardrobeAllan Fernandes
Make-upLau Neves
EditorNathalia. Kamura
ColouristMarla Colour Grading
VFXMosh Vfx

Rob Ulitski - 6th Feb 2020

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