Rob Ulitski - 21st Jan 2020

Marc Owens & Marc Sullivan parody business speak and corporate jargon in the delightfully cheesy video for Blue Sky Thinking. 

The lo-fi stock footage aesthetic mirrors this cacophony of terminology perfectly and if you've ever worked in an office, the lyrics to this track will likely be painfully familiar. 

Marc does a brilliant job of playing the overly upbeat and intense CEO, superimposing himself in Microsoft screensavers and tedious report sheets as he barks directions at his nodding-dog underlings. The visuals get more hallucinatory and uncomfortable as the video progresses, as a dystopia of corporate nonsense unfolds on screen.

The project is hilarious but dizzying, conjuring nightmares of middle management and pointless meetings in a Groundhog day-style loop.


DirectorMarc Owens
DirectorAmp; Marc Sullivan
ProducerJames Dawkins
Director of PhotographyFrancis Boyter
Focus PullerOscar Guellelmo Zaru
Art DirectorMarc Owens
HairRhian Owens
Make-upRhian Owens
ColouristNick Dalby
Post production companyUNIT

Rob Ulitski - 21st Jan 2020

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