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Tennis 'Need Your Love' by Luca Venter

Rob Ulitski - 15th Jan 2020

Luca Venter reimagines '70s nostalgia in the vivid and sunsoaked video for Need Your Love.

A new phrase started gaining popularity across the internet a few years back- anemoia. Defined as 'nostalgia for a time you've never known', the experience is best summed up as a feeling of existential dread, melancholy and an odd juxtaposition of comfort and malaise. And it's the best word out there to explain this visual, which is a four-minute homage to a utopian version of the decade that never quite existed. 

Utilising vintage styling, lo-fi camerawork and a lingering edit, the detail and care put into recreating the era's aesthetic is impressive. It was a hell of a trip to get it made - if we accept Luca Venter's description below as the truth - and the result is a curious work of art. 

Luca Venter: 

"We made this video together in the middle of nowhere. It took days of traveling to get there (we sailed for three days) and endured seasickness and swarms of biting insects. The beauty and harshness of the environment along with the contrasting void felt like the perfect visual representation of the song."

Rob Ulitski - 15th Jan 2020


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Luca Venter
Luca Venter


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Rob Ulitski - 15th Jan 2020

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