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Vilk Collective 'Just Disappeared' by Roxana Vilk

Promonews - 4th Dec 2019

This experimental dance-based video for Anglo-Iranian group Vilk Collective captures dancer/choreographer Skye Reynolds in Berwick in Scotland, transposed with footage shot in Southern Iran.

The video has won Best Artist New Renaissance Film Festival London and 2nd Prix du Jury at Cannes Art Film Festival, and also has been screened at Light Moves festival of screendance and London Experimental.


"The song is inspired by our relationship with nature and how breathtaking it can be to be fully immersed in a natural landscape. For the music video we wanted to create an "Art Film" that expressed this overwhelming feeling of being enveloped by the sea. So we asked talented dancer/choreographer Skye Reynolds to listen to the track and create a sequence of movements that she could perform along a wall by the the sea in #NorthBerwick, Scotland.

"We then wanted to contrast Skye's dancing with footage we had from our last film shoot in Southern Iran. Women are forbidden from dancing in public in Iran and we had filmed an Iranian actress standing stock still in the sea of the Persian Gulf. So we juxtaposed these two motifs.

"The footage we shot in Iran has a different feeling and here it adds another layer which is about the politics of movement. As a British/Iranian singer and filmmaker I am always aware of the increased freedoms I have to express myself here in Europe compared to my sisters in Iran. I wanted to contrast a woman standing completely still in the waters of the sea in Iran with a woman dancing in Scotland. These women inhabit different worlds, different rules surround them but they are united by the sea. 'Freedom of movement' in all the senses of that phrase is a vital, essential and crucial human right. We need to defend it.

"Sections of the "Art Film" are also made up of thousands of still images woven together, exploring new ways of capturing elements of the choreography and the 'energy' of the dance."

Promonews - 4th Dec 2019


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Roxana Vilk
Roxana Vilk
Production Company
Vilk Collective
Executive Producer
Peter Vilk


Director of Photography
Ian Dodds


Art Director
Roxana Vilk


Lead actor
Skye Reynolds


Maryam Ghorbankarimi


Post Producer
Maryam Ghorbankarimi


Director's Representation
One Tribe Talent Tv


Vilk Collective

Promonews - 4th Dec 2019

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