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Sigma, Jack Savoretti 'You And Me As One' by Aella Jordan-Edge

Rob Ulitski - 12th Nov 2019

Sigma joins forces with Jack Savoretti in You And Me As One, directed by Aella Jordan- Edge.

Inside a picturesque church, adorned with beautiful stained-glass windows and decorative candles, Sigma is performing with a full band and Jack Savoretti up front on vocals. The natural light seeping through the windows creates a cinematic and dramatic performance, as the various musicians play together in unison. 

Intercut with this performance is a simple narrative depicting a couple exploring London, until they happen upon the very church the artists are playing in. They jump straight into a choreographed dance, and the infectious energy builds to a climax, ending with the couple alone in the location, ready to embrace and kiss. 

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Rob Ulitski - 12th Nov 2019


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Rob Ulitski - 12th Nov 2019

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