Rob Ulitski - 22nd Oct 2019

Anonymous collective WDNSDY pay homage to their cultural upbringing and heritage in Omar Blair-Mangat's video for Runaway Slave Freestyle. 

The video is set on a rooftop in Hackney, intercutting archival footage of a 2001 rave at the now-closed Enfield superclub Eros. Heavily influenced by Jamaican sound system culture, with members hailing from the islands, this is a tribute to WDNSDY's formative years, the visuals referencing the looks, sounds and dance of the Nineties, Noughties and the last decade.

The mystery surrounding the North London-based collective is represented on screen through the use of face masks, creating more of a universal entity pushing a movement, as opposed to individuals working separately. The cinematography is crisp and sharp, which juxtaposes nicely with the archival lo-fi footage. 


DirectorOmar Blair-Mangat
ProducerOmar Blair-Mangat
1st ADNari Blair-mangat
Director of PhotographyBenjamin Thomas
Focus PullerChris Steel
EditorOmar Blair-Mangat
ColouristKennedy Dawson
CommissionerDirect To Artist

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Oct 2019

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