Rob Ulitski - 4th Oct 2019

Promonews's very own Ned Botwood directs this mud-soaked mystery for Junodream - a nightmare of masculinity set in a rural wasteland.

Limiter follows a cast of men in emotional crisis, in a series of set-pieces examining the shame and pain associated with toxic masculinity. Junodream appear as bystanders in a dense mystery involving a travelling mob, a stalking intruder and a spectral electrical tower. The story culminates in a macabre dance sequence in a village hall, reimagined as a purgatorial nightclub.

The low-budget video was shot on location in Devon and cast locally. The crew had to work around a nationwide powercut, rainstorms, flying coastal debris and the 50mph gale that shut down Boardmasters Festival in Cornwall. DoP Jon Muschamp took advantage of the adverse weather conditions to create a gritty, colourful world, emulating the foreboding atmosphere of Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker.


I was trying to find ways to express all the shame, anger and emotional indifference that comes with a 'masculine' identity. 

“The video emerged from a long, rambling conversation the band and I had about men. Limiter was written about a negative experience in a nightclub. And when I spoke to the band about it, we realised we had all had exactly the same encounter on a night out - meeting an aggressive guy, with a compulsion to wind you up for no reason.

"It made us think about all the poisonous ways that men interact with each other. You can call yourself a woke person, but you can still end up desperate to prove yourself to a 6’2 jock in a rowdy nightclub at four in the morning. I tried to imagine what this sensation would look like as a landscape. Then I built outwards, trying to find ways to express all the shame, anger and emotional indifference that comes with a 'masculine' identity. 

“We shot the video in the middle of nowhere, and the producer and I exhausted every resource and connection we possibly could. We sourced all of our cast and kit locally. We actually found Lara (our fantastic choreographer) on a local noticeboard. Our listing was sandwiched between a photo of some lost sheep and a description of a stolen bike! The weather was so terrible, it’s a wonder we’re all still alive, so having a video as well is a real bonus.”


DirectorNed Botwood
ProducerTheo Cordery
1st ADRhiannon Cartmell
Director of PhotographyJon Muschamp
1st ACNathan Okan
2nd ACCallum Paterson
GafferKristupas Zmejauskas
Make-upMariana Seygas
EditorNed Botwood
LabelRocket Music
ChoreographerLara Christopher
LoaderHolly Isherwood
Other creditsDriver: Chris Smith Cast: Jay Robertson, Jahgo Williams, Kevin Johnson, Leroy Ward, Jimmy Bennett, Richard Clevedon Smith, Devon Thelanderson-Smith, Mariana Seygas, Patrick Whitelaw

Rob Ulitski - 4th Oct 2019

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