Ned Botwood - 1st Oct 2019

Freddie’s alive! And he’s on the warpath. Old habits die hard in Half Manne Half Cocaine, Chapter Three of an irreverent saga by Nick Walker.

Poor Freddie Gibbs was just looking for a work/life balance. But even in semi-retirement, making an honest living as a small time drug trafficker, the man couldn’t escape his demons. In Giannis, the previous instalment of this comedic rise-and-fall narrative, Gibbs was attacked by an old rival, and left to an uncertain fate. 

Now the year is 2029. Freddie Gibbs has just woken from a 10 year coma with a dodgy wig and a hefty 'Trumpcare' bill. After a quick shave, he departs on a rude revenge mission in the desert, to find and kill his assailant.

Gibbs is a natural comedian and gifted improviser. This crime story is something of a personal opus for the American rapper, and is part of an ongoing narrative that dates back to 2012. But between all the narrative exposition, there’s still time for the goofily obscene non-sequiturs we’ve come to expect. Barely a moment passes without a performer saying something wilfully outrageous:

“Who put you back to-f***ing-gether, doctor f***ing Frankenstein?”

Look out for a welcome appearance from writer and comedian Eric Andre.

PRO Credits


DirectorNick Walker
Production CompanyObject & Animal
ProducerM. Corey Whitted
Creative DirectorBen Lambert
Director of PhotographyHarley Astorga
EditorHarley Astorga
ColouristBrandon Chavez
Sound MixMy Best Friend Jacob
Lead actorEric Andre
Lead actorSilverio Diaz

Ned Botwood - 1st Oct 2019

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