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Willie J Healey 'Songs For Joanna' by Ricky Allen

Rob Ulitski - 30th Sept 2019

Willie J Healey celebrates coming of age with a one-shot video by Ricky Allen. 

Shot on 16mm, the combination of format and shooting style makes this immediately ambitious, and the good news is it's incredibly well executed. With Gary Long as DP and Matt Allsop on steadicam, the seamless concept is a mixture of Alice in Wonderland and old Britpop videos, and it's a perfect match for the nostalgic track. 

Utilising the single location as much as possible, we follow Healey as he poses with a selection of quintessential British characters, including cricket players and tea party guests, culminating in a food fight full of cakes, pastries and no doubt a cucumber sandwich or two. 

The understated performance from both Healey and the cast give this a slightly surreal, dreamlike vibe, and paired with the camaraderie and cheeky winks, lends an element of fun and experimentation to the project. Life is not linear, there is no correct path to 'come of age': it's feeling like you're upside down at times, it's turning back 180 degrees, it's finding yourself stuck in a loop that you eventually break free from. It's a trip, and the video represents the highs and lows of this process. 

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Rob Ulitski - 30th Sept 2019


  • One shot video
  • Performance

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Ricky Allen
Guy Davies
Production Company
Zebrafish Media
Executive Producer
James Norbury
1st AD
Theo Ryan


Director of Photography
Gary Long
Matt Allsop


Art Director
Hannah Allen


Cassie Walker
Brooke Davies


Yala Records


Production Assistant
Zak Watson

Other credits


Jack Edwards, Tavie Babet, Darcey Babet, Josh Hanam, Billie Marten

Rob Ulitski - 30th Sept 2019

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