Rob Ulitski - 16th Aug 2019

Samuel Taylor encourages us to put our phones down in his video for Aeris Roves's Offline. Presented in a series of vignettes, the main performance takes place in a cafe where everyone is on their phones, totally lost in their own worlds. Some people have huge selfie lights attached to their devices, some are playing games, but we see that Aeris is the only one seeing life for what it really is. As the concept progresses, the people that populate the real world start to glitch, as if Snapchat filters have suddenly become real, and the video takes a darker turn as they start to disintegrate and turn on Aeris, all pointing their phone cameras at him like twisted paparazzi. 

The message is loud and clear, and mirrors the song perfectly. An animated section in the final part of the visual is inspired, and helps blend the offline and online worlds. The final section shows us what life is like when we connect (offline), and how the nuances of social situations are being lost by our mindless scrolling. It is a hopeful ending, but leaves you asking whether we can really go back from what we have created, or if we are doomed to be in this virtual reality permanently. 


"It was a pleasure to work with the ever-chill Aeris. The team was great as well, pulling together quite a few different elements with not much time.

"This concept really made us think twice before checking phones on set, however." 

PRO Credits


DirectorSamuel Taylor
ProducerErsan Beskardes
Production CompanyAgile Films
EditorJP Blunt
VFXDan Hawkins
CommissionerKat Cattaneo
SteadicamJake Whitehouse
Other creditsAnimation: Teresa Gasco

Rob Ulitski - 16th Aug 2019

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