robulitski - 29th July 2019

Warning: extreme and extraordinary cartoon violence lies ahead in Al Brown's video for Idles - his latest collaboration with illustrator Russell Taysom and animator Stella Belle Hex. 

Brown and his colleagues have created a surreal, and very brutal throwback to '90s arcade games, as the video for Never Fight A Man With A Perm portrays lead vocalist Joe Talbot battling against a series of mutated characters, whilst exploring themes of (quite literal) toxic masculinity.

The acid-trip visuals slowly decay as the video progresses, creating a kaleidoscope of loud colours and glitchy overlays. Those familiar with Brown’s previous work with Taysom and Hex, on projects such as Deap Vally’s 'Bring it On', will find a lot of parallels in this project. But there’s more than enough originality to elevate this to a higher level.

One thing’s for sure, this video grabs your attention with both hands and doesn't loosen its grip until the very end.


"It's an animation based on the classic arcade 'beat-em-up' games, but with a few surreal twists thrown in for good measure too. The song addresses toxic masculinity and the visuals hopefully help to bring the lyrics and themes Joe addresses to life.

"No pigeons were harmed in the filming."


DirectorAl Brown
ProducerAl Brown
Production CompanyFluffer Films
Executive ProducerAl Brown
AnimatorStelle Belle Hex
IllustratorRussell Taysom
LabelPartisan Records

robulitski - 29th July 2019

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