Promo News - 13th May 2019

Danilo Parra peels away the layers of a family relationship for Carlie Hanson - whose dad may be a bit of a rascal. But he's certainly not the only one involved in a criminal enterprise...

Watch 'Carlie Hanson 'Back In My Arms' by Danilo Parra' here


"Back in My Arms is about having a connection with someone so strong that you will do anything to protect that person. Sometimes in an over-protective way. When I was young my dad would go away out of state to work and it always made me feel so emotional and I would try anything I could to get him to stay. This video touches on these emotions. Some love songs are about family connection, not every song is about a romantic partner.

"I also grew up around a lot of cats and they would die all the time in different ways. Huckleberry Finn used to have a tradition of swinging a dead cats tail over a grave and I got to act as him once in a play where I talked about swinging dead cats around. It made me laugh at the time and I felt that for the kids to stop an Armored truck, they would use what they have access to.

"This video was filmed in East Kingston, NY where I met some amazing people who ended up acting in this story. Thanks to East Kingston and Cliff Cole for making this story possible." 


GafferDerek Sexton Horani
DirectorDanilo Parra
ProducerKate Brady
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Executive ProducerAaron Dean Eisenberg
1st ADTess Raih
Director of PhotographySonja Tsypin
ProducerMiranda Kahn
Art DirectorLuke Carr
WardrobeSheyna Imm
Make-upKate Daniliuk
ColouristJaime Obradovich
Grading companyCompany 3
CommissionerDevin Sarno
LabelWarner Bros Records

Promo News - 13th May 2019

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